Friendship Day

Keeping the Friendship Day fervour alive, Serra ,Sopanbaug organized ‘Pyjama Party with my Buddy’. The children came along with their friends. They displayed their love for their friends by making friendship frames/ bands/ garlands for each other. They engaged in well planned games and music & movement sessions organised for them by their teachers. They savoured delicious cookies and hot chocolate and relished the caramel popcorn as they watched a movie. 

  Coffee Morning

Coffee Morning held on 20th July, 2019

Serra, Sopan Baug invited their children's mothers for a fun Saturday morning filled with games and art activities. The mothers let their hair down and had a great time bonding over a nice cup of coffee.

  Back to School 2019

The start of another eventful academic year: Serra, Sopan Baug had a wonderful fun-filled Saturday morning as the children along with their parents engaged in interesting activities and games. The parents fondly remembered their school days as they played along with their children and danced to their hearts' content.

  Dental Camp 2019

 Dr. Shikha Choubey along with her team conducted a dental camp at Serra International Pre-School, Sopan Baug for the pre-school and child care children. The children were explained the necessity of dental hygiene and also the importance and brushing and flossing daily. The children explored dental models which gave them a clear idea of their teeth structure.

  100 Days of School

100 days of School, a day of achievement to be celebrated together! We celebrated our 100th day of School this week and each child contributed in the merriment. They all came dressed in rockin’ party wear; indulged in the hands on cooking activities and take away activities for themselves.
The children were welcomed by a “100 Days of School” kite with a numeral tail. Each teacher had set out a different table for each class and as high as the kite could fly, children had their imagination running in doing their craft and cooking activity, making the “100 days of School” celebration a memorable one. 

  Back to school 2017

The Start of a New School Year Brings Excitement!!!!
‘Back to School’ event was celebrated on July 1st, 2017. Children showed the parents their classrooms, their work and their favourite corners in school with great pride and introduced them to their friends and teachers. Parents remembered their school days while engaging themselves in the child-parent activities planned for them. 

  Annual Concert 2017

Annual concert is one such event, where every school gets to showcase their learnings through the year. Our 2016 concert themed ‘Toyland’, had children display their talents through dance, drama, compering, and songs, to name a few. The little graduates proudly marched to receive their well-deserved graduation scrolls. All in all it was an event much appreciated by the parent fraternity. 

  Grandparents day

Events and Celebrations are an important part of the Serra experience and we at Sopanbaug aspire to have all our children’s near and dear ones feel loved and welcome at the school.
After having had special events for our mommies and daddies through the year, we decided to commemorate World Elder’s Day at school by having all our grandparents visit.

The event started off with a touch of fun and laughter, as a game between all the grandads was held as to who could fold a saree the fastest. A game of passing the parcel followed, after which there were prizes for those who could correctly identify their grandchild’s footwear from a bunch. The children then took their grandparents on a tour of the school. At refreshment time, they were presented with a card and a flower, made for them by their grandchildren. An interactive session followed where grandparents shared funny moments about their grandchildren with everyone and after which a photo session was held at school. Grandparents and our children went home happy with a bouquet of memories to cherish. 

  Janmashtami Celebrations

Janmashtami celebrations:
At Serra each and every festival is celebrated with equal enthusiasm. For Janmashtami children came dressed as little Krishna. They decorated the ‘Handi’, made crowns and enjoyed digging into the handi for some yummy treats. 

  Master Chef Daddies

Masterchef Daddies:
Our Culmination Day was clubbed with a special Masterchef Daddies event for the father’s of our children .Each family bought an ingredient of choice from home, and the daddies collaborated with their babies to make a salad with other items provided in the class.
Besides being an excellent collaborative and bonding activity between father and child, the children witness a gender role reversal, an important facet of a healthy family. 

  Spanish Carnival

Spanish Carnival:
The Spanish carnival was celebrated with much zest in Serra Sopan Baug. The children made craft activities and also took pictures in the traditional Spanish attire.The children made salsa sauce and enjoyed having it with nachos. They also danced to the tunes of Spanish music with our dance aerobics teacher. They ended the event by breaking the piñata in true Spanish essence.

  MasterChef Daddies 2016

A special event called ‘MasterChef Daddies’ was conducted at the preschool on Saturday August 27, 2016.
It was an innovative salad making event.
Basic ingredients were provided by the centre while each family brought an ingredient of their choice from home.
Every daddy collaborated with his child to make a salad for the family. Mommy played an equally important role. Along with the child she created a chef hat for daddy.
This event aimed at creating a bond between the father and the child with preschool as a platform.
Besides being an excellent collaborative and partnering activity between father and child, the children got to witness a gender role reversal, an important facet of a healthy family.

  Parents Day Out

‘Parents Day Out’ indeed had the ‘Parents’ revelling and enthusiastically participating in the various fun activities especially organised to make their ‘Day Out’ more meaningful. It was amusing to see fathers and mothers play various games and children cheering them up. All in all it was a happening do with most of the parents coming and making this a joyful event.

  Children's Carnival

Extending our support towards love and compassion for animals, on the 23rd of Nov 2013 Serra International Preschool, Sopan Baug hosted a Children’s Carnival in association with Cats & Brats celebrating joy and kindness towards animals. It was an opportunity for all to interact with our furry, feathered and finned friends with the objective to increase empathy towards animals. 

The carnival kicked off with interesting activities that explored various aspects – creativity through the art and craft zone, knowledge through diverse toys and books, healthy diet through delectable food, enthusiasm and engagement through games and finally fun adventure rides like the jumping jack, camel and pony rides. Capturing priceless moments of children with their friends and family the event turned out to be a day filled with fun, learning and togetherness.

  The Serra Special Assembly

With the objective to encourage children to share their learnings on a platform where they gain an ability to shed their inhibitions and cultivate their performing skills Serra Sopanbaug organized a special assembly. Our young performers came up on stage and shared their learnings through speech, drama, music and movement. They sang the national anthem and learnt to identify it as an important part of being a responsible Indian citizen.

  Independence Day

We at Serra wanted to make the children aware of Independence Day, hence we had a “Special school assembly” on the 13th of August, 2013 keeping this sentiment in mind.

The children were asked to represent each state by dressing up in traditional clothes from different states of India. Children were dressed accordingly and the mood in the school was celebratory and patriotic. It was lovely to see children go up on stage confidently and talk about the states they represented. This also helped them learn about different cultures and ethnicities. Children also sang patriotic songs and ate sweets to celebrate our independence day.

  Cuppa Morning

True to our philosophy of parent involvement we began the year with an exciting “SERRA CUPPA MORNING” on the 6th of July as an initiative to establish the beginning of a wonderful relationship with our enthusiastic mothers. Fun games and dance sessions were organized and the mothers had a gala time participating and winning exciting prizes. It was a treat to see our mothers connecting with one another with zeal and excitement.

A session introducing the mothers to the ‘friends of Serra’ school community support group was also held. The support group discussed their plans and objectives for the current academic year. Parents also debated on the various after school programmes that Serra has introduced and how they can be further enhanced.

  SERRA Art Carnival

International pre-school, Serra recently held an art auction for charity at Sopan Baug, Pune. A joint effort by all its pre-schools at Pune, Serra students from seven pre-schools contributed their art and craft creations for the auction.

"It is an auction with a difference. We are auctioning art and craft pieces, created by Serra children and donating the proceeds to charity," says Monisha Pandit, Principal, Serra International Pre-school Sopan Baug. The auction, a part of Serra's art and craft festival - Serra Carnival generated an overwhelming response. "The idea behind the event is to teach children to empathise with the less-privileged. Through this auction, our children learnt that you are never too young to do your bit," added Pandit.

Entrepreneur and social worker, Neelam Sheolekar was the chief guest at the event. She took part in auction by placing a bid, and winning one of the paintings on display. The carnival had innovative workshops for both parents and children, like a workshop on clay moulding techniques called ‘Adipa', and ‘Batukli' a unique display of kitchen handicrafts and cooking techniques.

  Anaida’s Craftomania – After School Activity

We are happy to announce that Serra Sopan Baug has successfully started it's After School Activity on the 18th of Aug 2012.
Anaida's Craftomania which was conducted on the 18th and 25th of Aug 2012 had children of various age groups coming together and creating some lovely artwork.
The Craftomania session covers Paper Mache, Origami, Iris Folding Technique, Tunnel Book Technique, Corrugated Tubes Technique and will take place twice week at Serra Sopan Baug.

  Fun with farm animals

The pre-nursery children at SERRA Sopan Baug started as an inquiry, based around farm animals. The children were introduced to various farm animals through flash cards and picture books, so besides visually understanding what the animals looked like, they learn to recognize the letters that form the animal's names as well.
Our Bubbles (Pre-nursery children), then decided to utilize the outdoor area to create a 3D farm. All of them were excited to build the farm collecting leaves, hay and the animals they created in class. Placing them in their habitat, the farm was ready and the bubbles interacted during the process.

  Culmination Day 2012
  Artopia 2012

ARTOPIA" Celebrating art and Creativity
The day of 28th July was an experience for all the participants of "Artopia" an event that was organized specially for children between ages 2 to 6 years.
We believe Children when given an environment and opportunity express their ideas most effectively through a variety creative medium.
"Artopia" at Serra Sopanbaug was one such Opportunity which was so well appreciated by all.
Children were given a warm welcome to start with the "Serra Child" Sash making with the intention to respect every child and their uniqueness followed by a series of art and creative engagements such as Collage making and creating the "Serra Green Fingers collage" .
The Magic painting experience, Making your own friendship band , Outdoor Easel painting which involved children expressing themselves by using different colours and creating their own expressions.

  Celebrations Galore!

Celebration Galore - Janamashtmi & Independence Day at SERRA Sopan Baug
It was lovely to see our parents share so much enthusiasm on the day of celebration dressing in a variety of Traditional attires including our own Serra team.
It was a treat to watch our children dress in different colourful traditional clothes and being a part of the whole celebration with so much of zeal.
We had a welcome for all our parents and children by tying the 
tri-colour ribbons on the Potted twigs which stands looking so "Patriotic" at the entrance of our school reminding us all of all the colours representing our flag . The patriotic songs playing in the back ground only added to the whole experience.
We had organised a Rangoli making experience for all where the children and parents created some outstanding creations.

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